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API Reference

Acquire is a headless support API that enables rapid experience-first all business development.


Acquire is built and tested to work in the various web browsers. It may work in other browsers but these are not officially supported. We’ll explain the system requirements of Acquire covering requirements on the client side, agent side (Control Panel and Agent Console), and requirements for Audio & Video Chat.


Loading the Acquire JavaScript library provides an Acquire JavaScript object that responds to a few methods. Use our powerful, fully-documented API for client side and agent side to automate some of your Acquire activities and create custom integrations with your own systems. These JS APIs allow you to update users without a page refresh and interact with the widget UI.

Cobrowse API

With our co-browsing API you can make any website or web application a real time collaboration tool. Acquire is the transparent layer that will allow your clients and representatives to communicate with each other using your website as a mirror.

In this document, you can find details about the principles of work of Cobrowse API, the set of methods, options, and event types involved in establishing and maintaining a Cobrowse session.


Acquire for iOS, for integrating Acquire into your iOS application. Get started on integrating the AcquireIO iOS SDK into your native iOS app using all functionality like live chat, video/audio call, cobrowse SDK, push notification, UI setting and many customization.


Bring real customer service to your mobile apps with ready-to-use chat widgets. In this documentation will cover embedding a mobile chat window in an Android application using android native SDK.

Webhook API

This Webhooks API allows you to subscribe to changes happening in the accounts of any Acquire user that installs your integration. Webhooks are a powerful API resource that you can use to automate much of your use cases and improve your productivity.

Unlike the API resources, which represent static data that you can create, update and retrieve as needed, webhooks represent dynamic resources. You can configure them to automatically notify you when a customer has taken a particular action, such as making a purchase or replying to a conversation.


An Acquire RESTful API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. You can use it to retrieve and update information from your own Acquire account, or to integrate Acquire into your own product. It's completely up to you and your custom use case.

Chatbot API

You can use Acquire as platform, by creating your own Bot with API endpoint that describe within this document. You can also make your Bot public, by this other people can use your Bot as service. These are few examples that show how Acquire platform will accept the request and give response, from API Endpoint for Bot uses.

You can make your own Web API and put that into below popup with given request format.

Knowledgebase API

Publish docs so customers can help themselves for FAQ and Knowledgebase

Acquire Organize advice, answers, documentation, and more for help that’s always available on site, in app, and in your business.


Any request that returns an error follows a standard format. Acquire will return an array of errors that contains objects containing status, title and details.

You'll most likely receive an error if validation fails, something doesn't exist or something went wrong on our end. We return errors inline with the JSON API specification.

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