Custom UI/widget

Change color of UI

How it works

Go to - :

Whole Chat module will change according to this Background color.

If not provided then it will use default primary colors of your app.

Chat and call customization

To hide create new chat icon call below method.


To remove minimize video call option call below method. Use this method after successful initialization of AcquireApp.


When require only agent can cut the call, call below method to remove endCall button from video and audio call.


To set the desired orientation for local video (takes an Integer value)

AcquireApp.setLocalVideoRotation(rotationValue: Int)

To set the exact position of thumb video view (takes Int x and Int y values in dp)

 AcquireApp.setThumbPosXY(initialX: Int, initialY: Int)

To set size of Remote view on thumb view (takes Int width and Int height values in dp)

AcquireApp.setThumbRemoteFrameSize(w: Int, h: Int) 

To set size of Local view on thumb view (takes Int width and Int height values in dp)

AcquireApp.setThumbLocalFrameSize(w: Int, h: Int)

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