Getting Started

To know about our android SDK , check out our app on Google play store. Its source code is also available on github.


  • Android Studio 2.2+

  • Gradle 2.14.1.+

  • Android SDK 7.1.+

  • Android device running Android 5.0 or newer (To get fully functioning sdk)

Build variants

We are providing two types of build variants :

  1. Core - Fully featured including Audio/Video calling. See Integration

  2. Lite - All features excluding Audio/Video Calling. See Integration

The main difference of these two build variants is the size.

  • Our Core version can take up to 18 MB because of webRTC's archived libraries for all ABIs included.

  • If you split apk using apk splitting feature of android then it consumes around 8 to 10 MB per apk.

  • Our Lite version consumes only 2~3 MB.

So if you don't require Video calling feature, you can use lite version to reduce the apk size.

Step by step guide video

pageIntegration Guide (Core)pageIntegration Guide (Lite)pageStart using AcquirepageAcquire Delegates

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