Dialog Flow Fulfillment & Custom Response

The following guide will help you build customised responses using the Dialog Flow dashboard.

It may sometimes be necessary to capture visitor details such as the name, email, hash value and browser details. This helps information is only shared with “Acquire” and are accessible only by the “Fulfillment” section. A web-hook can be created inside the Dialog Flow to help capture this information.

In Fulfillment, it is possible to create functions and then link them to a particular intent. In the event a particular question is raised, dialog flow assistant will trigger that Fulfillment function and provide a response accordingly.

Make An Intent

First, create an intent such as “Get premium amount” with the question “What is my premium amount?”. Then under "Fulfillment" heading, select "Enable the webhook call for this intent".

Fulfillment Code

Here we can set the Bot responses as required. We can develop or write custom functions such as calling of a web-hook to perform any calculations, etc.

First, create a function handler such as ‘getPremiumAmount’.

Within this handler we can make use of the method request.body.queryResult.outputContexts to capture visitor details.

Appropriate code can be written inside the function getPremiumAmount, as shown below, to calculate the premium amount for that client and the result can be passed to the Bot using the following method:

agent.add('Your premium amount is $' + premium_amount);

After creating this handler it can be mapped to an intent using the following method:

intentMap.set('get premium amount', getPremiumAmount);

This allows you to manage your own customised responses as required.

The following shows how the conversation flows and triggers the appropriate fulfilment response using the custom function getPremiumAmount.

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