iOS Cobrowse

Learn how to use Cobrowse feature using our native SDK.

Acquire has this feature called Co-browsing which is unique in its sense, as it allows an agent to browse the session with the customer so that he/she can get the desired product/services on their website to purchase.

To use Cobrowse in your own app, you'll need to add our Native SDKs. We've made this as simple as possible, with just a few lines of code.

Once the Native SDKs are added to your app, everything else is done through our web dashboard in any browser - no plugins or installs needed.

Even more he can add overlays or highlight on the customer's device in real time.


Get Cobrowse Code

Get visitor cobrowse code, when acquire session ready to connect

If acquire support session not started then it will return -1, otherwise session code to start cobrowse session with agent.

Available in SDK version 1.0.9 or later

Sample code

NSInteger code = [[AcquireIO support] getCobrowseCode];

Add Mask on View

Adds a UIView to mask during the cobrowse session.

Sample Code

//Mask UIImageView
[[AcquireIO support] addMaskedView:self.imageView];

//Mask UITextField
[[AcquireIO support] addMaskedView:self.textfield];

//Mask UITextView
[[AcquireIO support] addMaskedView:self.textview];

Remove Masked View

Remove a UIView from being masked during a cobrowse session.

Sample Code

[[AcquireIO support] removeMaskedView:self.yourMaskedView];

Mask Keyboard

Masks the keyboard from being shown (Default: NO)

Sample Code

[[AcquireIO support] maskKeyboard:YES]

Pause Sharing

Pause an active cobrowse session

Sample Code

[[AcquireIO support] pauseSharing];

Start Sharing

Start a cobrowse session with a agent. Note that for Visitor sessions already start sharing when agent start cobrowse session via code. You can Pause and start sharing again.

init: no need to call first time. After pause then you can call this method

Sample Code

[[AcquireIO support] startSharing];

End Sharing

End the cobrowse session. Calling endSharing initiates the process of ending the session.

Show prompt message for end confirmation, see:


Sample Code

[[AcquireIO support] endSharing:NO];

Remove Stop Sharing Button

After session is connected you can choose to show our stop button or not.

Add key @"ShowDefaultStopButton" for stop sharing button. Set Value @NO to hide the stop button.

Also check about how to add key in config dictionary, see this:

Example app

If you want a sample app for cobrowse_only SDK version , you can download the sample app with integrated our SDK from Github. Example app provided here for both Objective-C.

Next: How to configure Acquire SDK in App, See this:

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