Setup Backend JS SDK

if you want to load acquire full backend on any page or inside your backend then follwing sdk is what you need to setup that.

First you'll need to load acquire script and use below acquire js code to configure SDK and indentify agent and account details so we can load full visitor list and all required parts of to let agent handle all chats, visitor list etc.

You won't be able to access all parts of but only dashboard part, where you real time visitor list and live statics and chats etc.

also using this sdk we'll append simple iframe inside your page, which will have funcionlaity and that iframe sholud be managed at your end. you can adjust that iframe's width height etc..that will be inside body element of your page.

make sure you've maximun possible width and height on iframe otherwise things may not work properly and this iframes also do not support responsiveness, so if your page support responsive design then inside this iframe content it won't be responsive

<script src=""></script>

      // load visitors or not
      auto_close_window_on_chat_close: false, 
      // auto close window when chat close

Get All Parameters

First login acquire dashboard ( and open Agents. You see all agents details like : ACCOUND_UID, AGENT_EMAIL, AGENT_API_KEY

How to get Agents details using API

if want to get all agents details use acquire agent REST API ( ). Agent API in you can get agents all details and make a own dashboard.

SDK Parameters

visitor_list:true/false (default: true)

This parameters tells sdk to not load visitor list, this will be helpfull in case of where you want to automate few things.

auto_close_window_on_chat_close :true/false (default: false)

This is also helpfull parameters when you planing for some automation, suppose you open backend iframe and do something like automaic start cobrowse with visitor then you may want to close that window upon chat close, so passing true here simply means that whenver chat gets closed window will get closed too.

Automatics Cobrowse

To automating cobrowse with code, you can use following method on sdk object.



When you logged into you can see demo of backend intgration as well for currently logged in user on following url

Note: This url is just for demo purpose do not use this as iframe.

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