[Under Development] Acquire Delegates for Android

Our SDK is currently under review. Check back later for updates.

Session Delegates

To set session listener call sdk method :

  1. onSessionConnected() Invokes on socket connection is established. One can open chat module after this event.

  2. onSessionDisconnected(Reason: String) Invokes on socket connection is closed and chat is no longer available. ‘Reason’ will give the reason for the disconnection of the socket.

  3. onAgentAvailable() Invokes on agent becomes available to chat.

  4. onCallConnected() Invokes on direct Video/Audio call is connected to the agent.

  5. onCallDIsconnected() Invokes on direct Video/Audio call is disconnected.

  6. onTriggerEvent(eventName: String?) Invokes on custom trigger event has been set and clicked.

  7. onChatClosed() Invokes on chat is closed by the agent.

  8. noAgentAvailable(); Invokes on all Agents become unavailable.

  9. onWaitDialogAppear();Invokes on Audio/Video call is requested by the user (visitor).

  10. onWaitDialogDisappear(); Invokes on agent answer the call request.

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