[Under Development] Acquire SDK APIs

Our SDK is currently under review. Check back later for updates.


Initiate Support Chat

Start chat module directly by calling startSupportChat()


This method is used to open chat. To use this method AcquireApp instance is needed. So use this method after successful initialization.

Alternate Method : startDirectSupportChat(callType: CallType)

  • @param callType - TEXT, AUDIO, VIDEO

Use this method to start direct Audio/Video call request to the agent. By this method, Audio/Video chat request will be visible to the agent and on the answer to that chat will start Audio/Video call as soon as the chat is connected.

Get Visitor ID

Get Visitor ID using this method


Logout Visitor

Logout will clear the current session and also gives a callback when the process is finished. After logout one has to initialize the SDK again to create a new session.

AcquireApp.logOut { }

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