The Acquire Widget functioning/customization allows you to line up your Acquire web widget with modifications like custom strings, color and provide some configuration options to the widget.


The Acquire widget has the following settings:

  1. Greeting

  2. Introduction

  3. Conversation button

  4. Conversation list title

  5. Message Placeholder

  6. Widget Appearance

    1. Launcher Text

    2. Widget Color

    3. Position


The Acquire chat component has the following methods:

  1. Widget visibility

  2. widget window state

  3. Set Customer info

  4. Get Customer info


The Acquire chat component has the following events or callbacks:

  1. onChatMaximize

  2. onChatMinimize

  3. onChatInitiated/Started

  4. onChatClosed

  5. onPrivateFormCapture

  6. onWidgetHidden

  7. onAgentAssign

  8. onWidgetShown

  9. onAgentStateChange (Online/Offline/Away)

Agent avatars

To set the agent avatar hide and show in the widget

Avatar show:


Avatar hide:


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